Adhesives and Sealant dispensing system

Scenery series products also includes of high quality insulating glass processing machines for the needs of the doors and windows manufacturers.

Such as aluminum door and window machinery, insulated glasses machinery, butyl sealant extruder, hot melt gluing machine, and the accessories of the doors and windows insulating glass machines, raw materials of the double/multi- glaze glasses production.

Hot Melt Butyl Sealant Dipsening Machine is a special equipment for hot melt sealed to insulating glass, it has a small size, light weight, flexible and easy to operate, suitable for construction site applications.

Butyl Extruder is special for the butyl sealant sealed to the aluminum spacer frames, with a scientific design, the butyl coating machine is easy to operate, features a stable performance, high efficiency and consistently.

Automatic Sealing Robert is special for the insulating glass production line of laminatoring and closing, gluing and sealing, which large applied in the glass production line, automatically and high efficiency.