Scenery adhesives and sealant applied in the construction field, such as our silicon sealants, which includes one part and two part products, the 10:1 two parts silicon sealants for the secondary sealing, the neutral cure sealants offer excellent adhesion to a wide range of glass types and metal spacers, the weather proof and structural sealants for the curtain walls building, no matter moisture, high pressure, different climates, it can support high protection integrated with the sash.

Scenery adhesives enable connections with very high rigidity and strength while being sufficiently elastic to balance the natural movements and different elongations of the materials used. When joining equal or even different materials, the structure of the materials is not damaged, e.g. by screwing or welding. Existing corrosion protection is maintained and long-term component protection is thus ensured.

Both inside and outside, from the cellar to the façade and the roof, our adhesives and sealants offer many different application possibilities.