Insulating glass

Scenery sealants include the primary sealant polyisobutylene (PIB) for windows and doors, usually named the butyl sealant; and the secondary sealants such as the silicone sealants which perform better than the non-silicone sealants in areas critical to the long term performance for your insulagting glass (IG) unit, our butyl sealants for first barrier, the silicone sealants also include the two parts polysulphide sealants and the one part silicon sealants, both can for second barrier, they are offering

Structure performance,

Excellent UV and weathering resistance

Superior long term durability

Strong adhesion to most substrates

Low shrinkage

Cold climate environments

Gap filling and sealing

We also are the first factory to develop and manufacture the single component hot melt sealant which play better sealing characters than other sealants, even just itself can finish the sealing functions for windows and doors glass sealing, and for the insulating glass sealing. It is also hot in the European market. We do it better quality! Suitable to different enviroments, see our products details just click the following pictures. More informations, please feel free to contact with us sales!